About PSPG


The Mission of PSPG is to educate the Penn community on the relationship between science and society. We explore the ethical, legal, and regulatory issues that arise from scientific and technical progress and we advocate for science-informed policymaking, communication of science to the public, and the continued support of research.


PSPG was founded in 2013 by a group of dedicated graduate students and post-docs, led by Michael Allegrezza. Since then, we have hosted numerous distinguished speakers, held several focused discussion groups, and made three trips to Capitol Hill. 

PSPG holds regular meetings and hosts speakers to discuss issues and careers in science policy. Our group consists of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows primarily with biomedical research and engineering backgrounds but we are open to the entire graduate and post-graduate community at Penn.

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Email penn.science.policy@gmail.com  or check us out on Facebook

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